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November Employee of the Month 2020

Gabe McEskew...Gabe has boundless good energy...both physically and mentally. He is always taking the boys out on an adventure, hiking, climbing, exploring new beautiful places; sharing with them how pushing their bodies physically can reveal to them, not only how strong they are physically, but how emotionally strong they are also. This is a great lesson for our boys who must learn and experience how resilient they are, so that when they return home to a “difficult” environment, their resilience empowers them to continue being successful, no matter what surrounds them.

Gabe very easily connects with our boys emotionally...they trust him and share their cares and anxieties with him, knowing he loves them. He is a patient listener, and our boys all love him.

Gabe regularly works extra shifts and covers for co workers vacations...all with a smile on his face and a grateful, happy attitude. The boys have told me on more than one occasion that it’s nice when Gabe works because he calls the group home his second home and loves to be “at work”. This kind of attitude from someone who works with our boys is invaluable...not only for us as employers, but more importantly, our boys to feel cared for by someone who is there because he loves them. ♥️



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