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Socially Necessary Services

Outreach Services offered by Home Base Inc., follow the APS Healthcare Utilization Manual Guidelines for Socially Necessary Services.  The program seeks to provide intensive parenting and life skills education to parents in effort to either assist parents maintain children in their homes, or to work toward family reunification when children have been removed from the home.  Parenting and Life Skills services are used to identify and reinforce existing family strengths, as well as to identify and correct parenting and life skills deficits.  During periods of Temporary State Custody, Outreach Services may also be used to provide supervised visitation for the purpose of maintaining family bonds and observing parent-child interaction in a safe environment.  Socially Necessary Services offered include, but are not limited to:


               Individualized Parenting

               Adult Life Skills


               Family Crisis Response

               Supervised Visitation

               Pre-Reunification Support

               Safety Services

               CAPS Assessments

               Needs Assessments



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