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We will meet you where you are

Life can be hard to navigate sometimes. 

It may feel like you are on a never-ending course without the destination in sight. At Home Base, Inc. Behavioral Health, we understand that the path to growth and healing starts from within. Our team of professional, clinical therapists can help you navigate through all of life’s obstacles. We provide a safe and collaborative environment that will help to identify and overcome those hurdles. Home Base, Inc. specializes in depression, anxiety, parent-child relational conflicts, difficulties with anger or emotional expression, trauma-informed interventions, phase of life, chemical dependency, behavioral concerns, and substance use. We also offer additional supports such as supportive counseling, case management and wraparound facilitation. 



Home Base has Masters level clinicians on hand to provide an array of behavioral health services, including profession Individual therapy, family counseling, behavior management services, group counseling, Assessment services, treatment planning services and others. These services are available to your clients both in home and in the office.  Additionally we have the ability to provide telehealth counseling services to families who are too remote or have specialized counseling needs not available in their communities. 


Case Management Services

Many of our outreach coordinators are trained and credentialed to provide Medicaid Targeted Case Management Services.  This means that should your family choose to enroll in this service with Home Base Inc. their assigned Outreach Coordinator will take on the role of their case manager and spend time working with the family on fringe area service needs such as linking the client to community resources which will remain in place after SNS services have closed ensuring that success sticks and the family is able to meet their own needs and establish permanency for their children. Planning services with the family to ensure success, monitoring outcomes and compliance with court orders, treatment plans and any other services that are needed to stabilize the family are a part of case management services.





                            James Hartnett, MA

                            Admin Counselor




                            Daniel Scalph, MA

                            Admin Counselor 


Outpatient Behavioral Health Services are offered by Home Base Inc., to the residents of West Virginia who meet criteria for Medicaid/Medicare enrollment.    





Home Base Inc.’s Behavioral Health Program is “State-wide”, with services being provided in Charleston, Fairmont, Wheeling, Elkins, Petersburg and Martinsburg, with additional satellite offices being present.



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