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Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) are persons who are under the age of 20, who have had a diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder of sufficient duration to meet diagnostic criteria specified within DSM-V, that resulted in functional impairment which substantially interferes with or limits the child’s role or functioning in family, school or community activities.



The CSEDW provides services that are additions to Medicaid State Plan coverage for members ages 3 through 20 who are enrolled in the CSEDW program. The CSEDW permits WV to provide an array of HCBS that enables children who would otherwise require institutionalization to remain in their homes and communities.




 In-Home Family Therapy consists of counseling and training services for the member and family provided by a mental health professional listed within the Staff Credentials section. This service includes trauma-informed individual and family therapy in the family home. It should assist the family to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and address the specific needs of the member in relation to their SED and treatment, such as developing and enhancing the family’s problem-solving skills, coping mechanisms, and strategies for the member’s symptom/behavior management.




  • In-Home Family Support services allow the member and family to practice and implement the coping strategies introduced by the in-home therapist. The family support worker works with the member and family on the practical application of the skills and interventions that will allow the member and family to function more effectively. The family support worker assists the family therapist by helping the parent/child communicate their concerns; providing feedback to the therapist about observable family dynamics; helping the family and youth implement changes discussed in family therapy and/or parenting classes; providing education to the parent/legal representative regarding their child's mental illness; coaching, supporting, and encouraging new parenting techniques; helping parents/legal representatives learn new parenting skills specific to meet the needs of their child; participating in family activities and supports parents/legal representatives in applying specific and on-the-spot parenting methods in order to change family dynamics. 

Home Base Inc. provides these in-home services to all families that qualify. The goal of CSED is to prevent your child from being placed in a residential treatment facility. The services of the CSED program allows for up to 14 hours a week working with you and your child. Home Base Inc. have several locations throughout the state of West Virginia that can accommodate your family who have been granted these CSED services through the WVDHHR. Once you have filled out the application, someone will contact you within 72 hours to let you know if your child has been approved for these services. 

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