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May Employee of the Month 2021

Samantha Gregory has been employed with Home Base Inc as a Residential Counselor for almost 2 years. In her time with Home Base, Samantha has gone above and beyond in her duties for our residents. She has worked her way up to the title Lead Residential Counselor due to her amazing leadership skills and her willingness to help all of her teammates with any task needing completed. Samantha has developed a “house mother” rapport with every resident she has worked with. Our boys know if they need help or have an issue, they can go to Samantha and rely on her. Samantha has gone above and beyond in her administrative duties as well, helping her direct supervisor with everything needing done at the group home to make sure the day to day operations run smoothly. Samantha is constantly wanting to learn something new about her job and the residents then takes that knowledge and applies it whenever she can. I am always telling Samantha, I would be lost without her constant help and support. Because of all the things she does for our group homes and how much she means to our boys, I believe Samantha deserves this recognition.


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