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January Employee of the Month 2022: Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker is a paraprofessional out of the Beckley office. She began working for HBI in September 2021 but has recently joined HBI as a full time employee. In her short time with Home Base, Lauren is already making a significant impact on the families she serves. Lauren has an infectious spirit, that is loved by her clients, the DHHR, and the administration in her local offices. She is a quick study, adapts to change, and is dependable. Lauren is quick with responding to and communicating the needs of her clients. We love a team player at Home Base, and Lauren definitely shows up for her team. She jumps at the opportunity to cover cases for her team members whenever they are in need of coverage. Lauren is consistent and timely with her documentation, which is why she is often requested by CPS workers to provide services on their cases.



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