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February Employee of the Month 2022: Christinia Lovine

Christinia LoVine goes above and beyond every day she is working with our residents. Chrissy shows up every day to take on whatever task we put in front of her with no complaints. She is one of my most dependable staff. I know if I need help with something, Chrissy will go above and beyond to help get it done. Chrissy absolutely loves the residents she works with and shows them that love every chance she can by being their for them, even when the days are tough. In our Residential program, maintaining a consistent, therapeutic milieu is the most important part of a Residential Counselors job duties. Chrissy comes in every weekend and makes sure that consistency is in place, and the residents know what to expect from Chrissy as their leader. Thank you Chrissy for your dependability, reliability, and consistency.



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