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Employee Spotlight: Clinton Bennett, Outreach Coordinator

Clinton Bennett has been a Professional Outreach Coordinator for over 12 years. He received his Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from Glenville State college in 1999. Clinton has stated that he really enjoys helping those in need in his community and that working with parents and children have made a lasting impression on himself as well as the families he has worked with over the years. Clinton's involvement with his community has given him a sense of pride and accomplishment and he has stated that it is an overwhelming feeling when he receives notice from past clients telling him that without his help, they wouldn't be where they are today. Clinton loves to interact with people and this is one of the reasons why he has been able to enjoy a great career with Home Base Inc.

Clinton's best advice for people who are starting out in this field is to "be understanding of your client, don't judge them, focus on the positive, and to try your best to help those in need." Clinton loves what he does because he gets to be out in the field meeting new people all the time instead of being stuck in an office all day.

Clinton's Unit Supervisor summed it up best when describing him:

“Clinton Bennett has been with HBI as well for over 12 years and we are so happy to have him be part of the face of HBI in our community. Clinton is often requested on Youth Service cases as he demonstrates strong skills in working with youth and juveniles. Clinton is compassionate and presents as non judgmental with all of his clients which puts them at ease. Clinton is one of the kindest people I know with a gentle soul. Clinton always is working hard with his clients and wants to ensure they are succeeding in services and in life. Clinton is observed to want to continue to learn and grown in his role and works hard on every case he is assigned. We appreciate and are happy to have Clinton on our team! “

-Sarah Marshall, MSW, Potomac Highlands Unit Supervisor.

When Clinton isn't busy helping those in his community, he enjoys spending as much time as he possibly can with his two daughters. He has stated that whenever possible, they love going to concerts together. He has also stated that in his spare time he enjoys getting out in nature and loves to go on hikes.

Congratulations to Clinton Bennett for being a positive role model for the families he has worked with and the families that he will continue to work with moving forward. Clinton has been an employee that demonstrates hard work, dedication, patience, and the ability to problem solve. Thank you Clinton for your hard work and dedication to HBI and to the community that you serve!



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