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Here is a great big shout out to Niccole Evans, from our Charleston office!! She has been with HBI for over 10 years cumulatively. She brings hard work, dedication and professionalism to the Home Base table and to the families she works with. She serves our region as the Core and Documentation Trainer and is always ready to lend a helping hand with CAPS assessments in our region, as well as other regions.

Niccole's documentation is impeccable and always on time. This, coupled with her quality of going over and above for her families, is why many Kanawha County Guardian Ad Litems and CPS workers request her on their cases.

Niccole is an agent of change for WV families!!

Other nominees that were considered was:

  1. Northern Panhandle region, Sarah Hamilton: Chase Casto's comments about her, "My July employee of the month is Sarah Hamilton she continues to meet deadlines, do as she is told, follow our policies, help others, and has gotten plenty of compliments from the DHHR."

2. Ohio Valley region, Trinity Polan: Laura Childers comments, "Trinity has had some

tough cases and has remained resilient and willing to help. She keeps wanting to

improve herself to be better than she was yesterday. She has stepped up to help

cover cases and has recently taken on CSED cases and is thriving in that area. I

appreciate all the hard work Trinity has done and continues to do for our clients and


3. Potomac Highlands region, Katie Pritt: Sarah Marshall's comments, "I want to

nominate Katie Pritt for the employee of the month. Katie has been with us for over a

decade and has made a huge impact on families and children in our community.

Katie has had several challenging cases recently and has handled them with

professionalism and always advocating for the clients best interest. Katie is a leader

on our team and others look to her for guidance and leadership. Katie is able to build

rapport easily with clients and they trust her as a provider on cases. Our court system

and DHHR look to use Katie on their cases and believe in her abilities as a provider.

We are grateful for her and are so appreciative of her hard work!

4. North Central region, Kayla Riggs: Caroline McMillan's comments, "The North Central

Unit proudly nominates Kayla Riggs, PAC for the August Employee of the Month.

Kayla has only been working with HBI for a short time and has already proved to be a

genuine asset to this unit. Multiple senior staff have come to us reporting how great

she is to work with and even ask to have her on their cases. Kayla goes above and

beyond for her clients, coworkers, and Home Base Inc. Kayla is consistent with her

delivery of services and always meets her deadlines.

We could not be happier with her performance and work ethic.


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