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Employee Spotlight: Katie Pritt, Outreach Coordinator

Katie Pritt has been an Outreach Coordinator for Home Base the Potomac Highlands area for well over 12 years now. She received her Master’s in education and originally started out as a substitute elementary school teacher working with a variety of children from different backgrounds. The moment that she decided to work in this field was the day a 5 year old child was told to take a seat and the response from that child was very oppositional defiant. She explained to another coworker that the child needed to be sent to the principal’s office for reprimand but her fellow coworker told her that there was no point because the family would not do what was neccessary to correct the child’s behavior. That was the defining moment in Katie’s life that made her want to work with families in order to correct any parenting deficits so that families (especially children) could succeed. When she found out what her friend did for a living, Katie jumped at the chance to work for a company that could make a difference in people’s lives and help parents as well as teachers succeed so that the children can succeed.

Katie has stated that if it weren’t for her previous supervisor Ronnie Miller, that she may not have been able to succeed. “Ronnie was always there for me and had my back. I stuck with the company because he was a mentor not just a boss. Sarah, has also been able to fill Ronnie’s shoes and is always there to help in any way when I need it.”

Katie really enjoys watching families grow from the help that she brings to these families and has stated that if parents are doing what they need to do then it’s a fantastic feeling but if the parents aren’t doing what they need to do then at least the families child(ren) are put in a place to succeed thanks to HBI. Katie feels that working for HBI allows her to be her own boss and approach each family and the situation they are in differently. Katie

Katie has been a tremendous asset to the company and to her community over the past 12 years. Her current supervisor has said nothing but the best about Katie:

“Katie Pritt has been with HBI over 12 years and we are excited to have her as one of our Senior Outreach Coordinators in our Elkins office. Katie demonstrates strong leadership skills in her role as an OC on our team. Staff look to her for guidance on how to provide SNS services the most effective and efficient way. Katie advocates strongly for her clients and cares about their ability to make progress with our services. Katie is self driven and I admire her ability to be able to manage seeing clients, communicating with her team/DHHR, meeting deadlines, and ensuring she gives the best quality service. Katie sets the bar! Katie is seen as a go to SNS worker in our community and is requested to take cases as she does amazing work! We are happy to have Katie and are thankful for everything she does for our unit!!”~Sarah Marshall, MSW Unit Supervisor.

When Katie isn’t helping the families of her community, she spends most of her time off spending it with her 2 year old daughter. They enjoy camping, going to the park, and the zoo. They love being around animals and Katie has stated that her 2 year old daughter is way cooler than any of her friends.

Congratulations to Katie Pritt for being a positive role model for the families she has worked with and the families that she will continue to work with moving forward. Katie has been an employee that demonstrates hard work, dedication, patience, and the ability to problem solve. Thank you Katie for your hard work and dedication to HBI and to the community that you serve!


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