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August Employee of the Month 2021-Kaitlin Cook

Kaitlin Cook is a para in Hardy and has grown tremendously in her role as a leader for the team over there. She is always willing to help out her teammates and ensure clients get the services needed.

Kaitlin recently made a powerpoint for all new hires to assist in ensuring staff are trained up properly. She is a hard worker and we are so grateful to have her on the team!



The North Central Unit nominates Karmyn Gouch for August's Employee of the Month. Karmyn has been employed with us for about 11 months and has her Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology from California University Of Pennsylvania. In that time, she grown exponentially through her approaches with clientele and has established herself with community partners as a Clinician in the North Central area. She is constantly learning and implementing new clinical skills on the job.

Karmyn is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University.


A big shout out to 👉Shandy Keaton, MA, Crisis and Trauma Therapist👈 who has been with Home Base in our Beckley office since September 2018!! Shandy is often requested by the DHHR because of his work ethic and attentiveness to cases referred to him. He is always eager to lend a helping hand in our CSED Waiver cases. One Wrap Around Facilitator had this to say about Shandy:

Shandy knows how the CSED program works and how it is supposed to be implemented. He is good at always communicating and gives and takes recommendations on the population we serve. He is an asset, 100%, and his approach makes things smooth.

Thanks, Shandy, for being an Agent of Change in the communities we serve!!!!


My August Employee of the month for the Wheeling office is Alex Beihl.

Alex is working on his Masters along with working towards being a full-time staff with Home Base. Alex is constantly on time with deadlines, his paperwork has constantly improved, he helps around the office and me when needed, he has a good rapport with his workers. Alex in my view has gone above and beyond to continue to get better as an Outreach Coordinator.


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