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August Employee of the Month

Kristi started as an Outreach Coordinator in May of 2019.  In June, Kristi was promoted to The Unit Supervisor of the Kanawha Valley Region.  In this short time, Kristi has excelled in mastering the administrative duties this title requires.  All while not losing sight of HBI's number one priority, superior client care.  Every time Kristi calls with a question, she discusses how this decision will affect the client and staff.  

During a recent Regional Summit, the CSM from Raleigh County spoke to the group about how Kristi and her staff were providing excellent services to the clients in his county and how he did not want to use anyone other than HomeBase Inc.  Kristi then received a message from a different county leader to arrange a meeting to discuss future services. 

Kristi has proved she is a problem solver on all levels and we could not be happier that she is a part of the management team for HBI.


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