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Dr. Linn Sheik

Dr. Sheik recently (12/2023) retired as Special education teacher and virtual instructor with extensive Knowledge of FERPA, ADA, IEP and other state and federal regulations that affect students.

In her evening role as owner operator of CCW, working with state and local agencies, she managed a diverse group of clients who may have court mandated counseling or adult life skill training requirements.  She has been praised for her ability to present detailed oriented reports and services.

In her weekend role, she continues to provide her expert teaching capabilities to both in seat and online (or flex) students.  This includes writing courses, evaluating, demonstrated group leadership skills which emphasize collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Some of her teaching specialties include business, accounting, marketing, finance and psychology along with demonstrated ability to make decisions using data.

Prior, she held the position as the Director of a University in which she managed the workings of an academic department of 300 professors, lead staff meetings and handle budgetary issues. She demonstrated understanding of assessment and working with the accreditation process when working with the HLC.  She holds supervisory experience and strong leadership skills

One other prior job to note was her job with Texaco.  She became the financial analyst working with millions of dollars in budgeting projects with the engineering department, eventually traveling to many states and countries introducing her to the ability to work with a diverse group of colleagues.

As you have read she has the ability to manage multiple priorities and projects simultaneously. Please welcome her as the Director of Parenting and Behavior Support Center (PBSC) Beckley.

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